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Our recruiting videos include up to 25 plays, your photo, and a listing of all your awards and achievements - complete with isolation graphics so you can stand out and coaches know who you are. We can help you get noticed so that you can make all those hours of hard work pay off. Our goal is to help you become one of these recruits and for families to afford college.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Email us at or call us at 1.610.810.6092.

  2. Tell us if you want the Base Package or Gold Package. Add-ons are also available

  3. Payment can be cash, Venmo, or PayPal. 

  4. Once the full payment is received, we'll contact you about getting your digital footage. You can provide our video editor with HD video footage from online sources, send an SD card, or upload videos online.

  5. You will need to complete a Highlight Worksheet.

  6. Once we have your footage, your picture, and your highlight worksheet, we will get to work. We will also let you know when to expect your reel.

  7. We will send you a link to the completed reel. You will be allowed up to three changes. Additional changes and updates are available and pricing will be based upon each specific request.

  8. Your finished sports highlight video will be placed online. We will email you a link that can be shared with prospective coaches. We will also give you a video file that can be uploaded to your own YouTube channel or recruiting website profile. 

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